RYE® is an independent fashion company creating artisan products through extensive research, craftsmanship and selected distribution. Founded in 2014 and based in the center of Oslo, Norway.


With a slow-fashion approach, RYE® mixes timeless design with quality fabrics, special dyes, and printing techniques to make enduring and well-made products. The products are developed with reference to iconic styles, with focus on good function design, craftsmanship and sustainability. There is a level of excellence in the making of the garments and great pride in sourcing superior fabrics and trims from the best mills. Fabrics that will fade beautifully after time, giving the garments patina and spirit, as well as great secondhand value. The products are made in Norway, Portugal, and USA.


Experience and research is the key. The founder grew up with street and skate culture in the 90’s, and worked in a skate shop from the age of 17. This made the base for his esthetic taste, and interest in clothing. After many years in the fashion industry working as a designer, with annual trips to Tokyo, LA, NYC and London, his experience concluded in the founding of RYE®. As a longtime collector of vintage clothing, the design idea is rooted in vintage workwear, military and outdoor, aiming to creating the best possible product with a balance between contemporary style and function.


«RYE® is much more than a brand. It's about new ways to think of a product, and new ways to getting out to the consumer. Working and designing hands-on is crucial to how a product or piece of clothing looks and feels, staying true to the DIY mentality, and looking at the products as projects that should develop organically. Design should be simple and effortless, great design cannot be forced»  - Jens B. Founder and Creative Director.